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Tooth Straightening

"I was thrilled - in six weeks, my teeth were completely straight. I would highly recommend my dentist and the Inman Aligner if you want a fast and effective method to straighten your teeth." T.H., Edinburgh

"It was brilliant to see how quickly the Inman Aligner was working.  It inspired me to improve other areas of my lifestyle and I started exercising regularly and have changed my skin-care routine." M.H., Fife

In the past, straightening squint/crowded front teeth would have involved extracting teeth and wearing metal 'train track' braces for 1-2 years. Some people would even have their healthy front teeth drilled down to allow for the placement of veneers or crowns ('caps') .

Thankfully, the situation has changed recently with the arrival of a new range of braces specifically designed to allow the straightening of front teeth but discreetly, without extracting teeth and quickly (normally within 3 months). At Blairgowrie Dental Care we offer a choice of either Clear Smile Aligners, Clearsmile Braces or The Inman Aligner.

Clear Smile Aligner


Clear Smile Aligners are see through, thin, plastic removable appliances which fit tight against your teeth making them very difficult to see when in place. They are kept as small as possible so as not to interfere with speaking or taste. After an assessment with one of our fully trained dentists to ensure your suitability for the treatment, 'moulds' or impressions of your teeth are taken and then sent to our specialist dental laboratory for construction of a series of Clear Smile Aligners which are changed every 1-2 weeks. The aligners are designed specifically to move your teeth into the desired position with the number of aligners required being dependent upon the amount of tooth movement required. Once in position your teeth then need to be held there so they don't move again. This is done using a thin retainer wire which is placed behind the teeth (not visible).


Clearsmile Braces

Blaigowrie Dental Care are excited to offer highly aesthetic adult orthodontic braces. ClearSmile braces use traditional techniques with new technology to reduce treatment times and improve the appearance of the brace. Dr Stewart McLean has many years of experience in providing metal “train track” braces that you see most teenagers wearing. He is now able to offer this highly aesthetic option for adult patients. 

Example cases from the ClearSmile website – 





Please see the ClearSmile web site for more case examples and further information at 


Inman Aligner


The Inman Aligner is a removable appliance which allows your front teeth to be gently guided to an ideal position in a matter of weeks. It involves only one appliance, 'The Inman Aligner' which is designed and constructed by our specialist dental laboratory to specifically move your teeth in a controlled and highly effective way.

These treatments can be carried out by all three of our principle dentists – Stewart McLean, Claire Williams and Neil Rutherford as they have all completed the training and are ‘Inman Aligner Certified’.

Tooth Straightening with Inman Aligner



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Last updated 19th January 2017